Community Impact Through Leadership Development

Teen Leadership Breakthrough

Teen Leadership Breakthrough is a two and a half day interactive course that takes place at Camp Chestermere that will empower youth to advance their leadership abilities and allow them to create positive change in their lives. This course is intended for teenagers aged 15-18 who are currently in High School. This course is hands-on and immersive, requiring participants to overcome obstacles and complete activities that focus on various skills such as teamwork, focus, communication, character and self-confidence. We already know that youth have the power to rise up and become leaders and Teen Leadership Breakthrough is about making sure they know it as well. Our goal is to help young people shatter glass ceilings rather than slip into glass slippers. As they learn to take an active role in becoming a leader in their own spheres of influence and move outside their comfort zones, these teens will experience not only educational epiphanies but also personal breakthroughs. Teen Leadership Breakthrough is designed so that when students return to their daily lives, they are more engaged in their own success, more enthusiastic about the world around them, and more empowered to lead.

Teen Leadership Breakthrough Takeaways

STEP™ Youth Discovery Program

Empowering Minds brings you STEP!  This is a youth discovery program where students receive their own Youth Report that highlights preferences in the ways they think and behave, which helps youth gain a clearer and deeper self-understanding.

The 3-hour virtual Student/Teacher Emergenetics Program empowers youth to better understand themselves and others in how they think, communicate, and learn.

This proven program with a youth Emergenetics Report, is an exciting way to integrate how students prefer to learn and how teachers can facilitate an educational environment that enhances, deepens, and provides authentic learning experiences for all.  

Based on Emergenetics theory and using positive strengths-based language, STEP honours students through seven distinct thinking and behavior attributes. The result is increased tolerance, motivation, engagement, self-awareness, and an ability to collaborate successfully in cognitively diverse teams.

STEP™ Youth Discovery Program Takeaways (for students and teachers)

Why our training Works?

Creating individual behavioural change, especially sustainable change, is the most difficult ambition of nearly all training programs. We have a course that implements proven practices for creating true and lasting change in the behaviours, actions and decisions of young people. The process, delivery, and approach of our programs serve as catalysts for changing behaviour.

Self Awareness:

Learning begins when individuals become aware of self-limiting behaviours, strengths, and opportunities for personal growth. During our program, there is time for exercise debriefing, journaling, and quiet reflection. These activities provide the opportunity for participants to “look in the mirror” and assess their performance. Throughout the two days, teens are asked to ponder what they learn and how they can apply it to their family, school and personal lives. By encouraging self-awareness and consistent reflection, they are poised to make necessary changes in their daily lives.

Building Confidence:

Repetition, application, and practice are key when it comes to perfecting performance. At Teen Leadership Breakthrough, each experiential process correlates directly to a specific attribute or behaviour. Rather than just lecturing on a variety of leadership traits, all participants of the program practice these behaviours and learn to implement them. Youth will develop skills such as accountability, communication, enthusiasm, focus, passion, teamwork and trust. It is by first experiencing the behaviour that will lead to overall performance improvement.


There is a significant difference between internal and external motivation. In our experience, external motivation is often short-lived and temporary. Lasting motivation and continued dedication come through internal motivation. The key is to allow teens to discover, uncover, and unleash their own internal motivators. The activities and processes that youth participate in during Teen Leadership Breakthrough enable students to identify what is important to them. Graduates of the program come away inspired, focused and internally driven with a renewed sense of purpose and direction.