Empowering Young People Through Our Teen Leadership Program

Teen Leadership Programs For the Leaders of Tomorrow

Empowering Minds is a Calgary-based charity and we believe in empowerment through leadership development. Through our Teen Leadership Breakthrough Program and our subsequent On-Team Ambassador opportunities, youth experience learning in a new way. With a focus on social-emotional learning, our program challenges teens to be more resilient and aware of themselves and their relationships with others. Our program highlights the importance of goal-setting, effective self-management, and the value of leaving a positive impact on the world. Partnering with High Schools and youth-focused organizations across the city, we’ve helped thousands of young people, providing them with world-class leadership experiences and instruction. We are an independent, public charity, relying on the support from schools, community initiatives, volunteers, donors, and corporate funding to bring our one-of-a-kind program to more and more teens.


Our mission is to provide youth and educators with proven and innovative outcomes based leadership programming that develops the confidence, motivation, and resiliency necessary to thrive in today’s world.


We’ve established several values that define who we are as a company and as difference makers for the future — our teen leadership programs centre on the same values.

  • Value Based Leadership
  • Integrity
  • Empowerment
  • Active Citizenship
  • Self-Awareness


Investing in Teen Leadership Programs

At Empowering Minds, we are passionate about teaching leadership skills to youth in a positive and uplifting environment. All of our instructors receive consistent and comprehensive training and are Rapport certified. Everything we do is geared towards helping teens achieve their goals and inspiring young minds to act. Our teen leadership programs are hands-on and immersive environments designed to help kids unlock their full potential and realize the power they have to be an influence for good. The University of Calgary has conducted a study to prove the effectiveness of our approach and training methods. We believe in taking advantage of the benefits of experience-based learning as we strive to make leadership learning more accessible and engaging to teens from all different backgrounds. Our programs aren’t merely about teaching the essentials of leadership; they’re about instilling principles that kids will carry forever. Empowering Minds relies on the support of our donors, sponsors, and volunteers. Join us, and together we can empower the young minds of the future and create a better world for them to grow, learn, develop, and lead.

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