The Empowered U Program focuses on what is already inside you. What you learn is how to tap into those skills and abilities at another level.

No PowerPoint's, no long and boring speeches – this training is about experience! Research shows that experienced based training is where real lasting growth can take place. We apply techniques based upon Neuroscience, HeartMath, Leadership and Empowerment to allow you to grow your next level.

Over two and a half days you will develop your confidence, resiliency, and focus so you don't just survive but THRIVE in today's world.

Leadership Development Through Active Engagement

You won't be taking notes, sitting in desks, listening to long boring speeches. Nope, from the moment you arrive you will EXPERIENCE and PARTICIPATE in every activity.

You make choices in your life, every day. What time you should wake up? What will you wear? Breakfast? Classes you will take? And as you get older there is more… Career? Partner? Kids?

Making choices, communicating and having self-confidence to make things happen doesn't always come easily. We know we can be a better version of ourselves… but the question is how?


Experience Leadership at Your Next Level

This program is delivered at an overnight retreat style facility. The Empowered U program focuses on the revealing the potential of teenagers and taking them to their next level of leadership.

We partner with high schools throughout Calgary and the surrounding area and also offer public classes.

You'll discover:

  • Empowerment
  • Confidence
  • Motivation
  • Resiliency
  • Trust
  • And building supportive and positive relationships

This interactive training takes place over 2.5 days, including overnight, and is designed for youth aged 14 to 18.

Empowered U runs from Thursday evening through Saturday afternoon during the school year. At this time we do not offer the program in the summer months.

Currently we work with schools in Calgary and surrounding areas to offer Camp. To attend a weekend, a youth must be attending one of our schools OR sign up for our Public Camp.

Public Camps will be posted on our Event Calendar.

All meals will be provided starting with dinner before class on the first day of training (Thursday) and ending with lunch on the final day of training (Saturday).

When you register your son or daughter you will be asked to indicate medical conditions and food allergies.

Camp Chestermere is the current host of our Empowered U Camp experience.

Typically each school uses a bus to transport students to camp, right after school on Thursday.

On Saturday, parents attend an Info Talk, as well as your child's graduation AND then you get to take them home with you!

There are separate sleeping areas for girls and boys. Supervision is provided by volunteers and educators. Each dorm has bathrooms, showers and running water (yay!).

Students are staying at a camp (in bunk beds) so they'll need the usual:

sleeping bag


towel and everything you need for showers etc.

clothes for 2.5 days - dress for the weather – activities will be indoors and outdoors during the training (yes even in the winter).

Things that beep, click, flash, ring, vibrate and are of an electronic nature that distract  are not needed at the training.

Any of these items will be held by the staff and returned at the end of training. Please make sure your child leaves these at home or that they are left with staff prior to check-in.

Believe us when we say… You won't even have a minute to use these crazy electronic devices any way!

We ask that you give your child time to get immersed in the experience of Camp.

We welcome everyone to the graduation on the Saturday. It's an exciting and powerful time. Caregivers, guardians or parents are required to attend the Info Talk on the Saturday too.

In case of an emergency, parents are able to get into contact with their child through the school representative or as directed by Empowering Minds™.

It is mandatory that a minimum of one parent or guardian is present at graduation on the Saturday.

Our Info Talk is given prior to graduation. Please arrive at 12:15 pm. Friends and other family members are welcome to the graduation, which starts at 1 pm. The day will end between by 3 – 4 pm on the Saturday. Oh and after graduation, please take your child home with you!

Although cliff jumping does sound exciting, we will leave that to the professionals. Experience-based means that you will participate in activities.

We know through research that we learn the best when we get to do something ourselves. In essence, there are a lot of Team Building activities and time to reflect on the experience.

There will be no running or hiking or any special skills required – just show up and fully participate!